Science is an important core subject that establishes a foundation of scientific knowledge and skills.  The teaching of science at Brooke Priory ensures that all children have access to exciting and stimulating scientific experiences. A practical approach is taken to all learning – the pupils ARE the scientists and learn that science is a way of thinking, gathering ideas and formulating theories with practical experimental work at its heart. The children at Brooke Priory benefit from access to well-resourced science areas that give the opportunity to carry out experiments using up to date equipment such as microscopes and laboratory apparatus. Special science days, national science week, guest speakers and visits to scientific places of interest enhance the classroom curriculum.


  • To ask questions and make predictions using an increasingly scientific vocabulary
  • To be able to set up and safely take part in a range of practical scientific experiments
  • To make clear observations and record what they see happening
  • To understand what comparative and fair tests are and why they are needed
  • To gather and record results and be able to confidently draw a conclusion from them
  • To explore the areas of chemistry, biology and physics with growing understanding and knowledge

Science at Brooke Priory