Life is full of challenges and we owe it to our children to equip them with the skills to recognise these, assess them sensibly and react positively. Brooke Priory’s residential commitment provides a great opportunity for pupils to gain such experience – there is no substitute for real experiences in the wider world.

Residential trips afford pupils the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills including leadership, team work, trust, respect, as well as self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. They also build relationships, togetherness and the sense of belonging.

Our residential programme begins in Form III with children experiencing a week at Rand Farm Park in the Autumn Term. They develop increased independence in Form IV with three days in the wilderness at Bushcraft. In Form V, pupils experience their first foreign excursion as they travel to France to immerse themselves in the French culture and language. Form VI culminates in an action-packed Coasteering adventure in Cornwall.

We also offer a Form VI Family and Friends ski trip each year, providing parents the opportunity to ski and socialise whilst children are in ski school. The annual trip is a definite highlight for pupils, staff and parents alike.