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‘Enter our world of limitless learning…’

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Brooke Priory School developed an enviable home virtual learning programme to replicate the exemplary level of teaching and support that you would expect for your child whilst at school. Following world events in March 2020 we seamlessly adapted our teaching and learning programme to an online platform. Building on our previous success we have further developed this interface adding more features and incorporating additional strategies to provide the best possible level of education whilst safely teaching your children at home.

Virtual Brooke Priory was put in place for the start of our Spring Term (11th January, 2021) and in the instance of any further unscheduled school closures our remote teaching will recommence, in full, within 24 hours.  Your child’s timetable will demonstrate the breadth of curriculum coverage and incorporate a daily schedule allowing you to manage both their time as well as your own.

Utilising Microsoft Teams and a minimum of 3 daily live lessons our aim is to recreate the classroom environment that will engage and challenge all of our pupils. Small group sessions with personalised feedback and 1:1 support when required provide the academic stretch and focus to continually improve and expand their learning journey whilst at Brooke Priory.

Thank you, my daughter was over the moon to hear your voice message and said tomorrow she’ll try even harder. You’re doing an amazing job with all this happening…” 

The children will be registered daily and the usual high expectations of attendance, engagement and return of school work will ensure that our children maintain their excellent progress.  The continuation of SEN support is imperative if we are to insure all children, regardless of learning need, continue to make the progress we strive for. Class teachers will operate an inclusive, online classroom providing differentiated work to allow access and challenge for all our children.  Small group work and intervention will continue to provide bespoke support. Children with an EHCP will be eligible for a place in school.

“My son seems to be getting into the swing of the timetable now and we are using an extended lunchtime to get some outside activity. The group and paired work add an extra dimension and provides valuable peer communication. It’s a delight to hear the enthusiasm and energy from both pupils and teachers!”

Our home learning programme is not just purely academic and there is ample opportunity for reflection and individual self-learning. Physical activity is encouraged with a daily live PE lesson with our Head of Sport and our children have regular and scheduled breaks to ensure their mental health and well-being is appropriately considered. Together with art, music and modern foreign languages we feel we are able to offer a first-class education regardless of physical distance between us with a real sense of community and teamwork that supports both our pupils and their families.


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Please click the link below which provides further detail of our Virtual Brooke Priory home learning provision and strategies employed.

Virtual Brooke Priory – Strategies


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