Pre-School (age 2+)

Nursery and Pre-School:Morning Session8.30am – 1.15pm
 Afternoon Session12.15pm – 3.30pm

We welcome you to Nursery and Pre-School at Brooke Priory

We are immensely proud of our nursery and pre-school here at Brooke Priory and the many opportunities children have for learning and their development.

Children learn through play indoors and outside with a varied timetable of activities, theme related resources and a range of exciting areas to explore within our purpose-built nursery and pre-school building.

The ‘continuous provision’ areas available to the children daily helps to support them to explore their environment, develop their creativity, challenge their thinking and make independent decisions.  These areas include: maths, mark making, role play, small world, construction, story corner, creative play, play dough, investigation and sand and water. Our practitioners are on hand and engaged with the children to further their learning opportunities whilst accessing the different areas.

The nursery and pre-school spend lots of time together although each group have their own adult led activities and routines. Equal importance and value is placed on the children learning from each other as well as from adults. The children in pre-school develop into great role models, showing patience and kindness to help nurture their younger peers; whilst the younger nursery children can develop in confidence in many areas as they grow and develop.

The nursery and pre-school day begins at 8.30am and ends at 3.30pm with the option for a collection after lunchtime at 1.15pm if agreed in advance. The children are also able to attend the before and after school care sessions available to all children across Brooke Priory for those parents who require extra wrap around care. Hot lunches are provided by The Farm Kitchen and these can be ordered online in advance.

“There is no such thing as bad weather…”

In keeping with the spirit and origins of Brooke Priory School, outdoor play (in all weather) is very important. The nursery and preschool children make good use of their own playground area, canopy play zone, adventure playground and the wildlife garden. Running on the large open field, flying a kite in the breeze and of course splashing in puddles in our red splash suits and wellies is a huge part of the experience for our youngest children at Brooke Priory!

It is not just the older children that get to enjoy the popular Brooke Priory ‘Welly Days’. Nursery and pre-school relish half termly welly days in the glorious countryside where Brooke Priory School was originally founded. We enjoy a range of activities from: mud kitchens, bug hunting, grooming ponies, rolling down hills, climbing trees, treasure hunts and splashing in the stream followed by a snack or lunch.

Enrichment and events throughout the year

There are enrichment activities every morning, including mini gym, mini movement, a musical class ‘Carried Along’ with Mrs. Grantham and Ballet with Miss. Francesca. These sessions are open for external parents to bring their little ones to have some fun with our nursery and pre-school within the main school building.

We have regular sessions in the sports hall where we enjoy a range of different physical activities including use of the gymnastics equipment and climbing frames, tennis, hockey and ball skills. The children also partake in a fun and thoroughly enjoyable sports day during the summer term.

The children also thoroughly enjoy their weekly French lessons with Madame Persani, learning through fun games and songs.

As well as the plethora of learning, play and sports opportunities available to the children, they have use of the school theatre and often join the rest of the school for assemblies, special performances and of course the Christmas nativity which nursery and pre-school perform alongside our kindergarten children. This is a very special occasion for parents to come and watch.

As part of their learning journey at Brooke, the children explore many themes and special celebrations throughout the year. These include seasons, harvest and farming, kings and queens, healthy eating, book week, language culture days, charity fundraising events and more.

Popular day trips and events have included a trip to the Playtown in Essendine, the annual Easter bonnet parade, welly days, World Book day dress up, visiting speakers from the police, dentist and a real tractor and fire engine!

The transition to Kindergarten and school life beyond…

As they move up through nursery and in to pre-school, there is more of a focus on preparing the children for their transition to kindergarten and school life beyond. Children are introduced to the ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics scheme, learning their sounds and how to blend sounds in simple words. In addition, they will begin to learn and practice recognising numbers and counting through use of different resources and songs/rhymes. Nursery also touch on these throughout the day so all children are speaking the same ‘language’.

The location of the nursery and pre-school being close to the main school building and kindergarten classroom lends itself to the children becoming very familiar with the rest of the early years and pre-prep staff. This, together with regular enrichment activities, interactions with older pupils and staff, and use of the facilities in the main school provides a seamless transition for the children as they move up to kindergarten and onwards through the school.

Nursery and Pre-School at Brooke Priory