At Brooke Priory we encourage communication between home and school. For this reason, the School operates an ‘open door ‘policy for parents. The website, curriculum booklets, newsletters, calendar card, termly letters and emails are used to keep parents up-to-date and informed.

A calendar of events is circulated at the start of each term. This combines details of the main school events, sports fixtures, parent consultation evenings, trips and excursions as well as events organised by the Friends of BPS for the forthcoming term. The calendar can also be found on the school website. Parents will be informed of any additions or amendments to the school calendar by email.

At the start of each term, each child will receive 2 calendar cards to take home and additional copies will be available from the Reception at the front of school. A wallet sized term dates card is also sent home at the end of the Summer Term for the forthcoming academic year. These outline the term dates and school holidays and we respectfully request that parents refrain from taking children on school holidays during term time. In September 2013, the Secretary of State confirmed that parents should not take their children out of school for holidays unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’, e.g. family weddings etc. However, should you need to request time off school for your child, your request should be addressed to the Headmaster who will consider each case individually. If a child is absent without prior permission the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

The school produces a printed termly newsletter – INform – which is sent home at the end of each term and this is a celebration of the term’s activities.

For daily communication between home and school please use your child’s daily planner. These should be checked daily by the Form Teacher and parents to ensure that important messages are dealt with promptly.

Form Teachers (Kindergarten to Form VI) and the Key Person (Nursery and Pre-School) are responsible for the daily routine and well-being of your child and should be the first person to contact if there is a concern. Drop off time in the morning is usually a very busy time and therefore, unless urgent, please arrange to discuss any concerns at the end of the school day. You may prefer to contact your child’s Teacher or Key Person by email. If the matter is more serious, please contact Mr Bancroft, Head of EYFS and KS1 & 2 or the Headmaster, Mr Flint.

It is vitally important that we have accurate and up-to-date lists of contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for parents. Please could you ensure that the School Office is always notified of any change of number, whether home or work. Similarly, please notify us of any change of address.

Letters to parents are usually communicated electronically by email (and occasionally sent by hard copy, if necessary). All letters from parents should be delivered to the Reception at the front of school and they will be delivered to staff accordingly.