Brooke Priory Parents – Business Directory

Education is a partnership involving effective communication and support across all stakeholders within the Brooke Priory School umbrella.

We have established this Parent Business Directory for those families who may wish to share their business/trade with the rest of the Brooke Priory community. Families are eligible to register their business by emailing the Business Directory Contact Form to

We hope that Brooke Priory families, both past & present will be encouraged to support other school families when doing business in the local region. This development of community support amongst parents goes a long way towards strengthening the common bonds that our parents share through their children, and their association with Brooke Priory School.

*Disclaimer: All contributors accept that this information will be freely accessible on the Brooke Priory School Website. Brooke Priory School accept no liability for reproducing information supplied in error. Brooke Priory School do not actively endorse products or businesses we simply offer parents the opportunity to publicise their business to the wider community. Brooke Priory School retains overall editorial rights and may choose to remove content at any time without prior notification.

Alder Lodge – Norfolk Holiday House & Beach Hut

Andrews Dental Care  – Dental Practice

Avon Representative – Online store or brochure supplied Beauty Products

Balenst – Virtual Assistant/Business Services & Workplace Ergonomics Consultancy

Duncan Ford Acupuncture – Acupuncture, Chinese medicine & Sports Massage

Efficient Portfolio Wealth Management – Independent Financial Planning

Future Marketing – Marketing Consultancy

J&H Logs – Seasoned or kiln dried hardwood logs supplier

Jenny Atkinson Pilates – Pilates Instructor

JL Jamieson Landscapes – Bespoke and Professional Landscaping & Groundworks

Life Rituals – Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Practise

March House Farm – Farm Shop, Butchery, Deli & Cafe

Renbrac Renewables – Electric Vehicle Supply & Installation, Solar Power & Low Carbon Energy business.

Rutland Surveyors – Chartered Surveyors

SCHOOLSOX – Personalised School Socks

ShutterBox Photography – Professional Photographer