Sport & P.E.

From developing motor skills in their first years at school to preparing elite athletes for scholarships in Form VI, the range of sports at Brooke Priory is inclusive and unparalleled. Alongside each term’s major sports (rugby, hockey, football, netball, cricket, athletics), pupils have the opportunity to explore, and compete in, other pursuits and passions: racket sports, swimming, horse riding, gymnastics and martial arts. We have a strong record of success at County, Regional and National levels across a variety of sports.

Children will take part in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle. As well as physical advancement and the progression of fundamental and complex movement skills, we have a wider focus that aims to develop the whole child. The development of key life skills will be at the forefront of our PE & sport provision. Positive values and attitudes will be developed in order to form foundations for lifelong learning that will help to equip children to face the challenges of the modern world.

We will strive to ensure our competitive sport is inclusive for all levels of confidence and competence, while at the same time providing opportunities for our elite performers to excel. Uniquely, Brooke Priory will provide all children with the chance to represent the school at sport.

Our P.E. & sport provision covers four domains:

  • Physical – movement, skills and performance
  • Cognitive (thinking) – rules, positions, tactics and application of feedback, as well as awareness of a healthy lifestyle
  • Social – interpersonal skills, such as leadership, respect and communication
  • Emotional – confidence, resilience, motivation and fair play

Sport enjoys a pre-eminent role in life at Brooke Priory and is a crucial vehicle in the delivery of the School Values. Confidence, teamwork, resilience, respectfulness and honesty are all developed on the sports pitches, not to mention the visible pride and joy of pulling on the school’s jersey each Wednesday. We offer games lessons twice-a-week in the Prep School, alongside their weekly swimming, tennis, P.E. lessons and fixtures.

Sport at Brooke Priory