Modern Foreign Languages

A world of opportunity…

At Brooke Priory School we are passionate about learning languages. We know that teaching languages to young children improves their literacy levels, builds their self-confidence and enables them to become more confident and creative in their thinking across all subjects. Learning languages also broadens their cultural horizons and prepares them for being able to live and work within the increasingly international world of the 21st century.

Subject specialists and expertise…

French is fully included in the curriculum from Nursery all the way up to Form VI and is taught by a subject specialist. This early start not only makes it easier for the children to progress in French but facilitates the learning of other languages later in life. We enrich our languages curriculum and further encourage a love of languages and exploring different cultures by holding various language events such as an annual French Day and organising language workshops (most recently Mandarin). In addition, to encourage a general interest in languages we offer after school language clubs in French and Spanish.

In teaching MFL we aim to:

  • foster a love of languages and enthusiasm for other cultures
  • develop the confidence and competence of each child in the foreign language they are learning
  • develop every pupil within the subject to his or her maximum potential
  • provide a fun, enjoyable and stimulating language-learning experience
  • equip the pupils with the skills to communicate in both spoken and written forms
  • develop the skills and attitudes necessary to facilitate further study of modern foreign languages at secondary level and beyond
  • strengthen the children’s sense of identity through learning about cultures in other countries and comparing it with their own
  • further children’s awareness of the world, its peoples and its cultures
  • develop and make progress in the five key language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

In Form VI, pupils start learning Latin, as preparation for secondary school, a mental work-out and as a means of broadening their English vocabulary and grammar understanding. As the mother of many languages, we believe that having an understanding of Latin is an excellent asset for our children.

Languages at Brooke Priory