We follow the National Curriculum (2014) for Mathematics. We ensure the three aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) are planned for routinely in our lessons. We aim for our children to be confident mathematicians and to be able to notice connections, patterns and real-life links in all areas of their mathematical thinking. All children have regular opportunity to explore and represent mathematics using a concrete and pictorial approach alongside abstract representations. Children are expected to explain their reasoning and understanding and our teaching aims to help develop children’s procedural (what) and conceptual (how/why) understanding.


  • Become fluent in using Mathematics in a variety of contexts including solving problems
  • Become fluent in rapidly and accurately recalling mathematical knowledge
  • Develop confidence to reason mathematically
  • Solve problems by applying mathematical knowledge
  • Enjoy the subject and study it with confidence and a sense of achievement
  • Achieve a high standard, both mental and written, and a range of other mathematical skills
  • Develop a strong mathematical mindset teaching children to be resilient learners

Maths at Brooke Priory