Brooke 30 Challenge

What is the ‘Brooke 30?’

 The Brooke 30 challenge is an initiative for form VI, designed to recognise and develop a range of skills that will be invaluable to pupils when they begin secondary school and begin to become independent young people.

What is involved?

 Participants will choose and complete at least 5 challenges from each of the 6 sections below. They must gather evidence to show they have completed each challenge and organise this into a portfolio. Each challenge can then be signed off by a teacher adhering to a certain set of guidelines.

  1. Skills (Physical Skills & Practical Skills)
  2. Communication
  3. Environment
  4. Personal Organisation
  5. Cultural
  6. Community

Whilst taking part in the Brooke 30 challenge, children will demonstrate and further develop the following key skills: teamwork, learning, problem solving, use of maths, English, ICT skills.

This is just one of the initiatives introduced for form VI pupils to enable and encourage them to be organised, independent, recognise and find solutions to problems and to be confident communicators in preparation for secondary school and life beyond.