Brooke Priory School  – ‘To be the best we can be’

I hope that everyone will enjoy the Brooke Priory experience – pupils, families and staff. Since becoming Headmaster at Brooke Priory, I have continued to improve the standards of teaching and learning and facilities throughout the school.

I look forward again to seeing families supporting their children and being fully engaged in life at Brooke Priory during the coming academic year.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Duncan Flint

Achievements 2022/2023

Positive Relationships / Excellence in Teaching and Learning / Sense of Belonging / World of Opportunities /Global Contributors

Throughout the academic year 2022/2023 the school’s achievements included:

Positive Relationships

  • Parental engagement and social events increased with continued success.  Further development of new initiatives including the social aspect to the fete.
  • Qualitative transition meetings introduced with focus on both academic and social matters to allow positive relationships to develop.
  • Increased parental interaction at pick up and drop off to share successes and keep parents updated.
  • Introduction of Brooke Priory Safaris allowing parents to experience the daily life of school.
  • Decrease in number of F&H sanctions this year- Bullying training completed, anti-bullying week initiated.
  • Increased footfall of primary school children and parents into school (Events and RCC links)
  • Open days at Brooke Priory (allowing a visit from parents on the morning)

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • New end-of-topic assessments in maths – effective communication to parents
  • Change to end-of-year assessments (CAT4 and online assessments)
  • Changes made to increase teaching of reading on the timetable for 2023/4
  • Increased class teacher time with class for 2023/4

Sense of Belonging

  • Increased sense of belonging the house system- increased events in a variety of new areas.
  • Connectivity with the school heritage established with ‘back to school’ at BP House.

World of Opportunities

  • Increased opportunities for all children- External providers for clubs (Tennis, rugby, yoga)
  • Increased breadth of provision (multi-disciplinary offer each night)

Global Contributors

  • On-going exploration of opportunities to use renewable energy generation on site.
  • Increase use of sensor activation lights (in toilets)
  • Scoped use of LED lights
  • Increased awareness and acceptance of reuse philosophy (Bric-a-brac, book swap)


  • School handbook re-written
  • Established lead staff on ISI
  • Partners in other schools established for ISI

Aims for 2023/2024

Positive Relationships / World of Opportunities / Sense of Belonging / Excellence in Teaching and Learning

For the academic year 2023/2024 the school’s objectives will be to:

Positive Relationships

  • Further development of year-on-year transitions for children with extended transition afternoons for children, opportunities for parents to communicate with their new teacher prior to the start of term and detailed and formal transition meetings between staff.
  • Increased presence and communication from subject specialists.
  • Further enhancement of our Form VI offer to include links with senior schools, masterclasses peer mentoring and parent led leadership workshops.
  • Enhanced parental engagement with subject specific workshops.
  • Increased breadth of parental social events and activities.
  • Increased shared understanding of all children’s academic and pastoral developments through pastoral meetings and the embedding of a new management information system.

World of Opportunities

  • Sustain a broad and balanced extra-curricular offer.
  • Develop the frequency of and variety of the use of Brooke Priory House for outdoor/academic learning.
  • Continued development and additions to the residential offer.

Sense of Belonging

  • Increased opportunities for school representation/competition.
  • Development of Form VI connectivity with eth school, including a legacy project, coaching opportunities, and Brooke Priory history project.
  • Increased whole school cultural awareness including cultural days, visiting speakers, culture based assemblies and express yourself day.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • Whole school focus on the teaching of reading including, increased weekly reading slots, teaching skills and strategies and increased directed reading activities.
  • Development of the teaching and learning of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Introduction of a new assessment framework and communication with parents associated with this.