Brooke Priory School  – ‘To be the best we can be’

I hope that everyone will enjoy the Brooke Priory experience – pupils, families and staff. Since becoming Headmaster at Brooke Priory, I have continued to improve the standards of teaching and learning and facilities throughout the school.

I look forward again to seeing families supporting their children and being fully engaged in life at Brooke Priory during the coming academic year.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Duncan Flint

Achievements 2021/2022

Positive Relationships / Excellence in Teaching and Learning / Sense of Belonging / World of Opportunities /Global Contributors

Throughout the academic year 2021/2022 the school’s achievements included:

  • Increased parental engagement and communications including: morning school welcome, weekly classroom/parent updates, increased opportunities for 1:1 parent/teacher meetings
  • Renewed focus on parental events and “Brooke Priory Socials”
  • Establishment of the BPS coffee shop and continuation of links with the “Friends of Brooke Priory” parents committee.
  • Establishment of curriculum Leads
  • Establishment of “partner” colleagues in different schools as a sounding board to share ideas and excellent practice
  • “Collaborative work” programme for children where appropriate
  • Timetable review completed including weighting of particular subjects and additional drive for PSHE – whole school focus and weekly discussion/reflection of themes
  • Re-introduction of choirs/ensembles and relaunch of music tuition and events / Advertisement and celebration of Brooke Priory values and achievements in assemblies and increased social media presence
  • Increased number of school performances and parent/pupil events and productions
  • Renewed School Aims bringing further clarity to the vision of the school
  • Sport: full schedule of sporting festivals and fixtures and increased engagement with a variety of schools and outside workshops
  • The Arts: Dance to be delivered up to Year 4, class productions re-instated.
  • Planet protectors re-established – whole school commitment to reduce carbon footprint and re-use, recycle and renew
  • Cultural days
  • Express your-self days

Form VI Development

  • Academic club launched/Leadership curriculum implemented
  • Swimming
  • “Buddies” re-established
  • Roles of responsibility defined and monitored
  • Coffee morning support
  • Leadership programme introduced
  • Drama introduced
  • Ski Trip re-established


  • School handbook re-written
  • Established lead staff on ISI
  • Partners in other schools established for ISI

Aims for 2022/2023

Positive Relationships / Excellence in Teaching and Learning / Sense of Belonging / World of Opportunities /Global Contributors

For the academic year 2022/2023 the school’s objectives will be to:

  • Further increase opportunities for parents to access the school to see us “in action”.
  • Increase the range and variety of parental events
  • Develop and increase opportunities for engagement between our staff and parent community with direct feedback from teachers for families
  • Weekly pastoral and well-being meetings and embedding of the Management Information System for direct communication with families
  • Increase frequency of assessments and pupil progress monitoring to enable us to continue to share information accurately with families.
  • Whole school focus on reading
  • Further development of the House System and breadth of  house events.
  • Increase connection with the history and origins of the school.  A “Brooke Priory House” experience for form VI.
  • Ongoing development of  extra-curricular learning opportunities, increasing the coverage and breadth of the programme.
  • Review and development of educational trips and residentials to include a ski trip in April 2022
  • Re-establishment of the Rutland Osprey Project including regular visits to Rutland Water (continuation of links established in 2021).
  • Reduce energy use through exploration of renewable energy sources.