Welcome to Brooke Priory School

Rutland’s Independent Co-educational Preparatory School

The early years of your child’s education are vital, providing the essential foundation for future life. Brooke Priory sets out to educate its children in the broadest possible way. Academic excellence will always be the highest priority, but education must also include a rich diet of music, art, drama and sports. Above all, school must be enjoyable and a place to foster friendships.

Outdoor learning is a core element of our ethos at Brooke Priory. Some schools see Forest School as a modern, innovative educational approach. At Brooke, it has been at the heart of our learning since the school’s inception. Quite simply put, it is Brooke Priory. The children regularly enjoy Brooke Priory “Welly Days” at the rural site of the original school to take part in stimulating, engaging and hands-on activities. Through orienteering, den building, wood carving, pond-dipping, wild art and so much more, the pupils develop their physical, personal, social and emotional skills.

We aim to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities and to encourage their individual talents.  When the time comes to leave Brooke Priory we hope to see confident, successful and well-prepared children moving on to their chosen senior schools.