The Early Years

The Nursery and Kindergarten constitute the Early Years and our aim is to give children a happy and secure start to their school life.  Through a wide range of exciting and interesting daily activities we encourage our young pupils to become independent learners, inquisitive to find out more about the world in which we live.  The boys and girls are introduced from the very beginning to the School Values, the code which underpins all that we do at Brooke Priory.

The Early Years Framework has four overarching principles that guide and shape practice in the Early Years setting.  They are:

i.   That every child is a unique child who is constantly learning.

ii.  Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

iii. Children learn and develop well in enabling environments in which their experiences respond to their individual needs.  Including a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers.

iv.  Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

At Brooke Priory we aim to strengthen each individual child's learning and development through exciting, interesting resources and activities.  We have high expectations for all children to increase their knowledge and understanding of all areas of learning.  Well qualified staff and small groups enable us to know the children extremely well.  We endeavour to provide the best care and education possible for every child in our care.

The children in the Nursery and Kindergarten enjoy a structured and balanced curriculum based on the three prime areas of learning:

* Communication and language

* Physical development

* Emotional development

Plus the specific areas of:

* Literacy

* Mathematics

* Understanding

* Expressive Arts and Design

There is a blend of adult initiated and child initiated learning as children are introduced to new ideas and skills.  they learn through play as they experiment and explore, guided by skilful interaction with the teachers.

Literacy is presented to the children in the Nursery through a programme called 'Jolly Phonics'.  This helps children to link letters and sounds using actions and alliterative phrases.  As they move to the Kindergarten they are taught using 'Readwrite Inc.'.  This works along the same principles as 'Jolly Phonics', but now the writing element is introduced which leads naturally to the spelling of simple words.  The children are given plenty of opportunity to write for a range of purposes.  The seeds sown in the early years continue as the chidlren move through the Pre Prep and we use a selection of reading schemes in addition to 'Readwrite Inc.' to provide individual support or challenges as the boys and girls become readers.  Plenty of chatting, listening to stories and rhymes and playing lanugage games further develop skills.  A reading meeting for parents is held early in the Autumn Term.

Children learn to understand the concept of number through practical activities such as sorting, ordering and counting everyday objects.  They learn about shape and measures as they play in the sand or water.  From Year 1 Busy Ants (Collins) is used.  Again games provide fun opportunities for learning.  We also use Numicon which develops number in a very visual way.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and terrific software to encourage language and number development.  We are always amazed at the confidence with which our young learners navigate the programs.  The children also use the computer suite.

Art is all around at Brooke Priory and the boys and girls are given many chances to develop skills and to experiment.  A specialist music teacher works with both Nursery and Kindergarten groups and the children are given the opportunity to perform in a Christmas Nativity play and, for the children in Kindergarten, a class led assembly. 

Visitors, outings and all manner of practical experiences help the children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  Our regular 'Welly Days' at Brooke provide the perfect environment for inquisitive boys and girls to explore the natural world.

Both indoors and out the boys and girls are taught a range of activities to develop physical skills - from clambering up the climbing frame in the Nursery adventure playground to learning to move confidently on the apparatus in the sports hall.  The Kindergarten children swim on Fridays from October onwards.  All children are invited to participate in the Pre Prep Sports Day late in the Summer Term and, of course, parents are invited to watch.

Praise plays an important part in building self-esteem and we love our pupils to earn as many stickers and stars as they can.  We show them we value their efforts as we display their work with care.  The children in the Kindergarten are awarded a certificate for each contribution to the 'Good Work Table' and have the 'Star of the Day Award' in class. 

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