'1decision' Workshop for Parents and Local Schools

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Brooke Priory School champions PSHE awareness-raising with ‘1decision’ workshop for parents and local schools

Tuesday 22nd May, 7.00pm, Brooke Priory School Theatre

Brooke Priory is staging an event for its parents and other local schools to raise awareness of the importance of personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE).

Headmaster Roger Outwin-Flinders will be hosting a workshop on 22nd May in collaboration with PSHE experts 1decision, part of Headway learning resources, which delivers its learning resources programme for 5-11 year olds in schools across 31 counties in the UK. Attendees will learn more about 1decision and Brooke Priory’s plans for developing its PSHE curriculum for the 2018-19 academic year. Last year the school appointed a new PSHE Subject Leader, Melissa Gatenby, and the launch of the Brooke 30 challenge programme this month will give pupils the opportunity to experience 30 different initiatives during Year 6 at Brooke Priory in preparation for their transition to senior school. Both the 1decision and Brooke 30 programme actively encourage and engage the support of parents.

PSHE is becoming an increasingly important subject on the curriculum for Brooke Priory and there is a desire to reach out to parents and other schools, Mr Outwin-Flinders said. “PSHE encompasses a wide range of issues, many of which are very emotive and parents and teachers have traditionally found difficult to approach,” he explained. “However, we have a duty to prepare our pupils for secondary school and later life. We should not pretend that issues such as drugs, bullying and online grooming do not prevail here in Rutland, as well as mental health, stress and anxiety. We need to educate pupils to help them identify these issues and where possible avoid and overcome problems, to upskill the children for the changing world. The key to PSHE success is bringing parents on the journey with us. We are all in it for the children, to do our best for them.”

Mr Outwin-Flinders, who is also an Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspector and a Governor of two independent preparatory schools, went on to praise 1decision. “1decision is the most hard-hitting PSHE learning resource I have seen,” he said. “It gives pupils choices on how they would tackle or respond to a certain scenario. So many educational programmes do not allow pupils to think enough for themselves, but this one does, and that ethos is extended to teaching staff. At Brooke Priory we want to utilise the best resources which we find in the sector, and share these with other schools. 1decision pulls no punches and this is exactly what is needed.”

Hayley Sherwood, Founder of 1decision, added: “It is important that teachers, parents and children themselves are aware of the potential dangers they face and that effective and outcome-driven PSHE resources are available to support schools. In my experience, every child who receives age-appropriate PSHE lessons will emerge as a better learner. Education is also at the heart of the bigger picture. We need to equip children with the vocabulary, understanding and confidence to speak out. That way, they will know what to do if they come across something they think is wrong.”

1decision is the UK’s first primary programme to receive the PSHE Association Quality Mark. Its modules span personal safety, health and wellbeing, statutory relationships and sex education, British values, the working world, feelings and emotions, online safety, healthy relationships and media influences. Hosting over 65 videos with alternative endings, 1decision empowers children to make choices to keep the featured characters safe and healthy, alongside teacher lesson plans, on-screen lesson guides, student workbooks and assessments.

To book your place RSVP to info@brooke.rutland.sch.uk

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