Libby joined Brooke Priory in Year 4 and wrote this soon after she joined:

'On my first day at Brooke Priory I felt a bit nervous but excited.  I really liked the sport and all the other different activities.  I made a lot of new friends very quickly.  My favourite lesson was Art and D.T. because I really like being creative.  At the moment I am having lots of friends and I'm really liking it.'


 Fred joined us in Year V:

'I only started this year.  When I started I thought I would have no friends and I wouldn't fit in, but, on the first day I made three amazing friends, Angus, Jacob and Oscar.  The teachers are very funny and nice.  I think this is a fantastic school for your son or daughter.'


Phoebe joined Brooke Priory in Year I and is now in Year V:

'I think this is the best school in the world.  I like it  because it encourages you to be the best you can be and the Art and D.T. are great.  All the teachers are really nice.  I have lots of friends and I am really happy I moved here.  This school is fantastic!'

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