Outings and Visitors

At Brooke Priory, outings and visitors enhance our learning experience. 

The Kindergarten and Nursery welcome people from a great many local institutions for their 'people who help us' topic.  Indeed the whole school prick up their ears when the Fire Brigade sound their sirens and squirt water across the playground!

History is regularly brought to life throughout the year groups when ancient visitors cross our threshold; Breda the Saxon, Sophocles the Greek, Cardia the Roman and even Queen Victoria! 

We are taught to be safe by the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, The Warning Zone and the Rutland Road Safety Officer.

Visiting theatre companies bring us stories and fables.  Diddley Dee Puppets demonstrate how to make our own puppet show.

Authors and illustrators inspire us to put pen to paper and create our own fictional characters.

We learn about other cultures and religions; Diwali, Hunnuka and Ede.

Outings take us to museums, stately homes, galleries, theatres and nature reserves.

Year 6 take to the waves for two days on a sailing course at Rutland Water.

We have so many fantastic opportunities!


  • 02/09/2018 - Join us for our Early Years Open Morning on Thursday 4th October

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