The Broad Award for Endeavour

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When I think back to my days at Brooke Priory, it brings a smile to my face. It was a great childhood, doing what children should be doing, having a go at everything and trying new things, whether you were good at it or not. With our sport we played for each other, we learnt, practised and played as a team, just like being with England. I remember playing all sorts of matches, win or lose, (we always wanted to win!) our games teacher said you play your best when you’re having fun. That was my mum of course and she was right. That’s still true.

Brooke gave me a wonderful start, most importantly of course masses of sport but it was also about standing on your own feet; organising yourself, packing your own bag, checking your kit! I did do some work in the classroom too – plenty of maths, very useful for scoreboard calculations and my business interests, geography, essential for getting me around the world and thanks to Mrs Allen, the best history lessons which lit my flame for an interest in second world war history. I know how lucky I was to go to Brooke, it also made settling into, and enjoying, Oakham School a very easy move.
Receiving recognition with an award, whether it’s an Ashes medal or a school cup, stays with you for life. My sister Gemma, my Mum and I hope the Broad Award for Endeavour will be treasured because whoever receives it this year, remember you have earned it.

Stuart Broad
(BPS 90 – 97)

stuart broad

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