People Who Help Us

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The Nursery and Kindergarten have had a very exciting week with lots of visitors joining us to support our topic: ‘People who Help us.’ 

The Rutland Road Safety officer taught the children how to stay safe near roads and traffic.

Police Constable Appleton and Police Constable Lloyd spoke to the children about their roles in the community, whilst explaining all the many gadgets attached to their uniform.

A Paramedic showed the children all the many instruments and bandages in his bag and demonstrated how to put on a bandage for a broken arm.

The children also had the opportunity to sit in a fire engine and to spray the fire fighter's hose.

Our final visit came from a dental nurse who brought in examples of giant teeth.  The children took it in turns to brush them and heard all about the effects of eating too much sugar. 

We were thrilled to have had so much support from people who really do help us in our community ; the children gained a great deal from the week.

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