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Head Girl Letter

Xanthe Anstee Marriott 2016

Hello, my name is Xanthe Anstee Marriott.  I am 10 years old and in Form VI, Mr Wand's class.  I am very proud to be Head Girl of Brooke Priory School this year

It is my responsibility to set a good example, particularly to the younger children.  When I joined Brooke in Year III the Year VI pupils seemed so grown up, almost adult (but better as they were still playful).  In Year VI we each have the privilege of looking after a Kindergarten buddy.  We help them settle into school and make it feel like their second home.  We help them dress for break, and play with them in the playground.  I hope I too can help those in the classes below us to feel happy and inspired for their future at Brooke.

I love being here at Brooke.  We pack so much into every minute.  In addition to English, Maths and Reading every day, we have the chance to be musical, to make fantastic creations in art, and DT with Mr Weeks is brilliant (especially as he is so funny).  We play lots of different sport, and everyone enjoys being in teams.  I even love XC running now, having been convinced I never would.

We work hard, and I have learnt a great deal.  Learning here is fun and exciting, and we are all encouraged.  The teachers really care and want every one of us to be the best that we can be.  If we want to learn at full-steam ahead that is encouraged, but If we need to take a little extra time to better understand the teachers are kind and supportive.

At the end of each year I have felt that was my best yet, and that my last form teacher was my best yet.  So every year I have felt sad to say goodbye to my outgoing teacher, only to find myself enjoying the next one just as much.

I’ve made fantastic friends.  Not only from my year but also younger and older than me, from Kindergarten to Year VI.  Brooke has such a close family atmosphere that nourishes all who are lucky to be part of it.  We all know each other.  Every member of staff knows every child not only by name but personally, understanding our qualities and quirks.

I am proud of our school and hope that I will be able to do credit to this position.  I hope to represent the school values that we, the children, have decided are important for us all.

Xanthe Anstee Marriott


Head Boy Report 2016/ 17

Benedict Waberski

My name is Benedict Waberski and I am 10 years old.  I joined Brooke Priory in Kindergarten when I was 4 years old.  I have had a fantastic time and done some brilliant things.

As well as lessons and sports there is a big choice of fun clubs to do.  I am currently doing Design Technology where I am designing and building a model bridge.  I am really enjoying it and we are able to use a lot of cool equipment like drills, saws and glue guns.  I have also been in Wildlife Club for 4 years now.  We have learnt a lot about the natural world and studied the ospreys at Rutland Water.  We have even done a live video link with a school in Gambia near to where the Rutland Water ospreys migrate each year.  We have also built a fantastic wildlife garden.

We do a wide range of lessons, but do maths and English every day.  My favourite subject is Project. We have been able to choose an event in British history and are researching it and making a project booklet.  I chose the plague.  We are also studying a variety of different authors which has been really interesting.  We have also got a great art department and have done some amazing projects and made some fantastic things, some of which my Mum has put on the walls at home.

Sport is a really big part of life at Brooke.  The main sports we boys do are rugby, football, and cricket.  We also do swimming, tennis, P.E. gymnastics and hockey.  My favourite sport is rugby and I am Vice Rugby Captain.  We have matches nearly every week against different schools and they are great fun.

Each term we go on several trips.  One of my favourite ones was to Grimsthorpe Castle in Year 3.  We also have a Welly Day at the old Brooke Priory.  Welly Day is great fun.  We build dens and do fun activities.   We also go on residential trips and will go for 5 days to PGL later in the year.

I have really enjoyed my time at Brooke. I have made some fantastic friends and had a lot of fun. I will really miss it all when I leave next year. 


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