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Music Examination Results

Music Congratulations 2014 - 2015

Gabi Gelderbloom               Flute Grade 1 Pass
James Mansfield Flute Grade 2 Distinction
Alice Whyman Flute                   Grade 1 Pass
Tess Cunliffe Singing Grade 3 Pass
Isabella Edmunds Singing Grade 3 Distinction
Atan Hussain Singing Grade 1 Distinction
Abigail Marlow Singing Grade 1 Distinction
Eloise Snape Singing Grade 1 Distinction
Scarlett Blackman Singing Grade 1 Distinction
Jemima Hart Clarinet Grade 2 Merit
Francesca Shepherd Clarinet Grade 1 Merit
Antonia Webster Harp Grade 2 Merit
Maxie Weir Violin Grade 1 Merit
Olivia Dent Guitar PREP  

Music Congratulations 2013 - 2014

Alexander Brown                 Singing                Grade 3 Pass
Henri Cooke Guitar Pre  
Joe Cooper Guitar Grade 1 Merit
Tristram Hart Trumpet Grade 1 Distinction
Freddie Kirk Guitar Pre  
Sean Lee Trombone Grade 1 Merit
George Nicholson Piano Pre  
Beatrice Sadler Singing Grade 1 Pass
Alice Whyman Singing Grade 1 Pass
Lucy Tomlinson Piano Grade 1 Merit
Antonia Webster Piano Grade 1 Merit

Music Congratulations 2012 - 2013

Eve Davies            Flute        Grade 3  Pass        
Claire Maitland Flute Grade 3 Merit
Claire Maitland Piano Grade 3 Pass
Oliver Bunce Singing Grade 1 Merit
Rupert Fell Oboe Grade 3 Distinction
Benedict Brown                   Singing                 Grade 1 Pass

Music Congratulations 2011 - 2012

Josephine White                 Singing                 Grade 1  Pass
Clare Maitland Piano Grade 1  Distinction
Clare Maitland Flute Grade 2  Merit
Clare Maitland Piano Grade 2  Distinction
Katlyn Barnes Singing Grade 2  Merit
Evan Blackman Violin Grade 1  Pass
Evan Blackman Singing Grade 2  Pass
Benedict Brown B Flat Cornet Grade 1  Merit
Lucy Brown Singing Grade 2  Merit
Giovanna Camm Singing Grade 1  Pass
Alice Cashman Singing Grade 1  Pass
Elsie Cunliffe Singing Grade 3  Merit
Coco Cunningham Violin Grade 2  Merit
Coco Cunningham Singing Grade 2  Merit
Caroline Denman Violin Grade 1  Pass
Sapphire Edgson Violin Grade 1  Pass
Sapphire Edgson Singing Grade 1  Merit
Daniella Hamson Violin Grade 2  Pass
Daniella Hamson Singing Grade 1 Merit
Evie Jones Best Singing Grade 1  Merit
Hattie Joseland Singing Grade 3  Distinction
Eleanor Mansfield Singing Grade 1  Merit
Eleanor Mansfield Violin Grade 1  Pass
Saoirse Mason Singing Grade 2  Pass
Phoebe Morgan Weston Singing Grade 1  Merit
Peter Mottram Epson Singing Grade 2  Merit
Zoe Onyett Singing Grade 2  Distinction
Phoebe Ryder Singing Grade 1  Merit
Phoebe Ryder Violin Grade 2  Pass
Alex Taylor Singing Grade 2  Merit
Gabriel Tufail Smith Singing Grade 3  Pass
Shannon White Singing Grade 2  Pass
Isabella Wyatt Singing Grade 2  Pass
Jacob Davies Guitar Preliminary 
Oliver Drakard Guitar Preliminary


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